Welcome To Giliberto's Minnesota Mexican Food Catering

Welcome to Giliberto's Catering, where flavor and fiesta come together to elevate your events! We take pride in serving up a mouthwatering array of Mexican delights across Minnesota. Our catering menu boasts a tantalizing Taco Bar, a Taco Tray that's perfect for sharing, and a Nacho Party that promises a deliciously cheesy experience. For those seeking a sizzling sensation, our Fajita Bar will surely impress. Our bulk meat options are sure to satisfy even the heartiest appetites. But we don't stop there; we've got plenty of sides to complement your main dishes and make your catering experience truly unforgettable. So, whether it's a corporate gathering, a family celebration, or any special occasion, let Giliberto's Catering add a dash of zest and authenticity to your festivities.

Catering Menu

It includes choice of meat, oft or hard shell tortillas, chips, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, salsas

$8.50 per person

3 Tacos
$10.50 per person

3 Tacos
With beans and rice
$14.50 per person

2 Tacos
With beans and rice
$12.00 per person

Lengua and Birria $16.00 per pound
With Beans and Rice $26.00 per Pound

Any Other Meat $15.00 per pound
Includes twelve corn or four tortillas, limes, onions, cilantro, salsa
With Beans and /rice $25.00 per pound